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My vote fields appear just fine in FF, but in IE they do not. Instead what shows up is just the upper part of the field with the "vote up" button. The vote down button is not shown. I think it has something to do with the size of the field in the code, but I cannot figure it out. The vote count field appears in the same pattern. What could be wrong?
Can you post a live example, or some screenshots so we can see?

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It seems to be because the .qa-voting class has a height set. If you remove that then it shows the box correctly. (To change it you'll need to edit the qa-styles.css file in your theme.)

Why exactly it doesn't work in IE I really don't know. There is 18px of padding top and bottom which should expand the box to its proper height...

EDIT: instead, try changing the doctype to a strict one. You can simply use <!DOCTYPE html> to force strict mode and it seems to work then in Internet Explorer.