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Hi gidgreen, I think I've found a bug. Inexplicably, at the top of the plugins page at the admin center, started to appear me this message:

Notice: Undefined index: min_q2a in C:\wamp\www\question2answer\qa-include\qa-page-admin-plugins.php on line 114

So I opened the qa-page-admin-plugins.php file and went to the line 114, and I noticed that it was missing a @ before the $metadata['min_q2a'], so I put it and now the notice is gone. I deduce this is due to some plugin that don't have the Minimum Version defined, right? Well, I checked all plugins, and all have the minimum version declared. Strange, no?

So, to find which plugin was causing the error, I cut each plugin folder, one by one, and refreshed the browser each time, and I noticed that is the debug plugin I created that is causing this bug. I don't know why. How can I solve this?

This isn't really important in this case, because I don't pretend to use this plugin in production sites, so this don't affect me, but I'm afraid the it would affect other people with plugins they can't dispense.

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Any idea why does this happens?