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Does Q2A work with php 7?

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asked Nov 16, 2017 in Q2A Core by fara
I need to migrate to php version 7

Does q2a work with this version?
And do you recommend to use php 7?

commented Nov 24, 2017 by Scott
Can you give some details of the problems you’re having on PHP 7? I know there were some notices on PHP 7.1 (fixed in Q2A 1.8) but they don’t break anything on the site.
commented Nov 24, 2017 by fara
No problem with q2a.
I had some problems with some plugins by Sama like "Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP;" which I fixed.

2 Answers

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answered Nov 16, 2017 by arjunsuresh
Yes, it does and I found it to be working much better on PHP 7.
commented Nov 16, 2017 by fara
Thanks. It seems q2a version 1.7.5 doesn't work with php7, does it?
commented Nov 20, 2017 by amychersey
thanks also looked for this answer
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answered Nov 16, 2017 by ProThoughts
Q2A performance is better on php7. below q2a test site is running on php7.

commented Nov 25, 2017 by fara
My php version is 7.0.9.
commented Nov 25, 2017 by ProThoughts
@pupi1985 Thanks for the correction. I just looked at travis log and commented, my mistake.
commented Nov 25, 2017 by pupi1985
You should be able to use 7.0.x without any warnings/logs (plugins might generate some but it would depend on the plugin). Anyway. v1.8 will be out soon and there won't be many changes from the beta to the release version.
commented Nov 25, 2017 by fara
Two problem I have from the time I upgraded to q2a 1.8beta and  php 7.0.9:

I have this problem with just having badges plugin in my qa-plugin folder.