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Just wondering if this is possible, and if it has been done by anyone, are there any concurrency issues with several users accessing the system at about the same time; twenty users max could be using our Question2Answer setup at any time.

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Currently SQLite is not  supported by Q2A.

I dont think there will be any issue if 20 users use at a time.
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Gideon will be able to answer more appropriately if this is really possible, but Q2A is fairly modularised with all the database stuff in one of two files/classes, so I would guess it is possible.

However, it's absolutely not necessary. 20 users accessing the system at once is NOTHING. Apache allows up to 150 simultaneous connections by default, but even if 150 people are browsing the site at the same time you probably won't even have 10 simultaneous connections since each lasts under a second.

PHP and MySQL are both very fast and Q2A is designed to run fast as well. Gideon also said here that he's tested the system against a large database.