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I find it quite difficult to modify things on the ask page.

In qa-theme-base.php there are nearly no ways to access the different parts of the /ask/ page.

In my recent case I want to add more HTML below "More information for the question".

Example of how I do it recenty in the qa-theme.php:

// ASK page
if($this->template=='ask' && isset($this->content['form']['fields']['title']['tags']))
   // add placeholder to title field
   $this->content['form']['fields']['title']['tags'] .= ' placeholder="Aufgabe in einem Satz schreiben"';

Thanks for any tip.

PS: I cannot target the different TDs separately. There are no IDs or CLASSes ... :/

Q2A version: 1.8

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How I did it now: 

1. Add HTML tags to qa-lang-question.php: 

'q_content_label' => '<span class="qa-editor-headline-sub">Enter details to your question:</span><span>Some other text</span>',

2. Custom qa-theme.php: 

function initialize() {
   if($this->template=='ask' && isset($this->content['form']['fields']['title']['tags'])) {
       $this->content['form']['fields']['content']['label'] = '<div class="qa-editor-headline">'.html_entity_decode($this->content['form']['fields']['content']['label']).'</div>';

Not the "nicest" but works this way.