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Now I have removed those google books link from my site https://electronics2electrical.com/yesterday but google still not indexing my feed links.. what I am supposed to do so that Google will start indexing my site pages again?

Q2A version: 1.8 beta2

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Wait a while. The internet has trillions of pages, you can’t expect Google to update instantly.
Ok scott..can you tell me this
what should be the minimum length of answers?
Is it good to use schema.org microdata and Minify HTML ?
Minimum length can be whatever you want. If an answer does not need to be long, don’t make it long.

Microdata is good to use because search engines will know it’s a Q&A site. Google used to show extra info in search results (like the number of answers) but I haven’t seen that recently.

Minify HTML is good to improve the speed of the site.
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okay thanks.....  Should I keep turn on Microdata  or not ?