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I have reached 0.5 million posts and it is obvious that q2a is not performing the same "high speed" as before.

Users notice that for instance when:

- Posting a question (submit time is ~3 seconds)
- Clicking the vote button (~3 to 5 seconds), issue on github
- page load (instead of 0.5 it's ~1-2 seconds)
- users list (of course, goes through 15k users)
- ...

I am pretty sure there is room for improvement.

For instance, things i dont use and would like to get rid off:

- q2a search queries (db level, I am using Google Custom Search) - but keeping the similar questions and the tag suggestions (guess it's tables qa_tagwords and qa_titlewords)
- qa_sharedevents - never used that
- qa_userevents - never used that
- qa_contentwords - never used that (and have a disable hack already in place)
- hotness - never used that
- ...

It would be great to have more options in the admin panel to disable the unnecessary things, and boost performance a bit.

My hosting is: 

Digital Ocean, 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM, 80 GB SSD.

MySql takes about 20 - 30 % of processor activities.

~200 visitors active on site, ~20k visitors per day

I am also wondering if we should have a cache that saves static HTML pages and provides them to anonymous users (instead the db query cache as it is with 1.8.0). This would help a lot (!)

Q2A version: 1.8.0
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Very cool how can I disable all this
Try Cloudflare. It have speed up features...
How did you solve the problem with the cache in versions 1.8.0?
Did you solve performance problems? I have a 1.2m answer to my 100k question on my site. The site is slowing down day by day.

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