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How to increase Performance with database having 500 000+ posts?

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asked Mar 8 in Q2A Core by q2apro

I have reached 0.5 million posts and it is obvious that q2a is not performing the same "high speed" as before.

Users notice that for instance when:

- Posting a question (submit time is ~3 seconds)
- Clicking the vote button (~3 to 5 seconds), issue on github
- page load (instead of 0.5 it's ~1-2 seconds)
- users list (of course, goes through 15k users)
- ...

I am pretty sure there is room for improvement.

For instance, things i dont use and would like to get rid off:

- q2a search queries (db level, I am using Google Custom Search) - but keeping the similar questions and the tag suggestions (guess it's tables qa_tagwords and qa_titlewords)
- qa_sharedevents - never used that
- qa_userevents - never used that
- qa_contentwords - never used that (and have a disable hack already in place)
- hotness - never used that
- ...

It would be great to have more options in the admin panel to disable the unnecessary things, and boost performance a bit.

My hosting is: 

Digital Ocean, 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM, 80 GB SSD.

MySql takes about 20 - 30 % of processor activities.

~200 visitors active on site, ~20k visitors per day

I am also wondering if we should have a cache that saves static HTML pages and provides them to anonymous users (instead the db query cache as it is with 1.8.0). This would help a lot (!)

Q2A version: 1.8.0
commented Mar 8 by Ahmed S
moved Mar 8 by Scott
Very cool how can I disable all this
commented Mar 10 by Zeeshan
Try Cloudflare. It have speed up features...
commented Mar 12 by yerbol
How did you solve the problem with the cache in versions 1.8.0?

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