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In previous versions we needed to create qa-cache folder out of the location of Q2A source files. But in Q2A 1.8, the source files have a qa-cache folder with them. So what should be done this time??
Q2A version: 1.8

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It is same as before, now only change is you can have cache dir inside q2a dir. well, if you want you can still have this dir outside www/html dir.

1. add path in qa-config.php file , like /var/www/html/urq2a/qa-cache/

2. go to admin panel and enable cache.

thats all. I enabled in a same way on site https://meta.question2answer.info

Thank you for the answer. It worked as you said. :)
I'd still suggest putting the cache directory outside the public directory if possible.
Then what should be done @Scott? Should we leave the current qa-cache folder where it is right now and make a new qa-cache folder outside of source files location? Or should we move the folder itself and then change the path in qa-config?