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Which editor plugin do you use for Math?

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asked Mar 11 in Plugins by ProThoughts
I'm looking for good Math editor for q2a, which one do u use? any help. thanks!

1 Answer

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answered Mar 11 by q2apro
commented Mar 11 by ProThoughts
I enabled here but it is not showing Math options, could you please help.
selected - Enable LaTeX-parsing (loads Mathjax CDN script on all question pages)

also if I change editor to any other in future, will there be issue.
commented Mar 11 by q2apro
Just enable the "preview" window in the options. Then use $$ latex code $$ and it appears.
commented Mar 11 by ProThoughts
checked that, is it possible to have option in menu to insert math equations?
commented Mar 18 by ProThoughts
@q2apro, any update?