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I noticed in the source of this page you link to jQuery... does this mean you are planning to use jQuery for more of the interaction on Q2A?

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Yes, version 1.4 will use the jQuery library, and plugins can assume that it will be available. However, apart from Ajax requests, the actual Javascript in Q2A won't be using jQuery's functionality, since I don't want to become too dependent on any third-party products (apart from PHP and MySQL, of course).
Why not? It wouldn't be *too* difficult to translate the jQuery back to JS later if you really wanted to for whatever reason. It seems a little remiss to import the entire jQuery plugin and not use any of its time-saving and cross-browser compatibility.

For example, I saw in http://www.question2answer.org/qa/qa-content/qa-votes.js?1.4-dev-e that you use things like document.getElementById when you could use $('#id'). And createElement when you could just pass in the actual HTML...