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After posting some of my plugins here I have received some request to develop some plugins and I realized that many people have are have needs of certain plugins that are currently not available. So if you want a plugin that has not been developed or poorly done feel free to answer here with such demands. Use images, links and good descriptions. I am currently working on a number plugins as well as maintain them

My plugins can be found here https://github.com/JacksiroKe?tab=repositories&q=q2a+plugin&type=&language=

My paypal is https://paypal.com/jacksiro and Starting Price: $ 40

Q2A version: 1.8
closed with the note: am no longer active on this
i want a chatroulette plugin videochat same as omeagle
can make me random question page?

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Hi jacksiro
1-hello would wish avatar in motion gif( IS very dificult) see


2- one that says when a user x is writing response in real time
not possible inless in a mobile app. have you seen this even on facebook website?
@jacksiro  i will consult you something by private courier.

On the other hand I have not seen that on Facebook, I see it on WhatsApp when someone writes says: typing @x
Update the facebook  log plugin
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An advanced follow-follower plugin is needed for q2a. Followers should be public. (ie: viewable to all users. Who is following whom, how many are following etc.)
A referral system which gives points to referrers would have been nice to promote the website
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An updated plugin so the users can login with facebook, twitter and google. I know there is a least one plugin for this already, but it is not updated.
i think the maintainer of the q2a project should be working on such I believe so
Yeah, it should probably be standard in Q2A. GL with your plugins.
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I am using the QA in social-blog format. From my perspective, I can offer these ideas as plugin.

1) Betting plugin 
- Admins post a bet on something. (Ex: for upcoming football game lets say Real Madrid vs Barcelona).
And users can bet on this with their q2a points. 
Example: Admin determines rates (cost and price), lets say, 
win for Real Madrid (100 points) 
win for Barcelona (80 points)
draw (90 points)

Cost for lose = 50 points

-Users can bet with 50 points on this three options. If they win they get price points related.

2) Send/Recieve Points plugin 
- Users can send a part of their points to other users. 
For example: User A has 500 points. User B has 100 points.
The A sends 100 points to B. Then A will have 400 points, B will have 200 points.

3) Purchase points plugin
- Admin sets few point packages and their prices (500 points for $7.5, 1000 points for $10 etc)
- Users can purchase it by PayPal

4) Promoted Posts Plugin
- Admins can promote questions for certain time (like in twitter TT list). 
- Admins create promotion packages and make it purchasable by users. Ex: Promotion for 12 hours ($5), for 24 hours ($7.5)
- Users can purchase promotion packages with PayPal.

5) Follower/Following Plugin
- Users can follow others, and can be followed by others.
- Admin sets can enable/disable Follower Zone page.
- If Follower Zone page is enabled, the sub nav page under questions will appear as Follower Zone where only questions posted by following users.

6) Questions of the Day/Week in the Past Plugin
- The plugin filters questions posted on the same day in the past years. 
- Users can select years.
For example: today is 31/07/2018. The user A selects 2017 in the filter and only question that are created on 31/07/2017 are shown. If the user selects 2016, then questions posted on 31/07/2016 will be displayed.

7) Marketplace Plugin
- This is a page plugin, it does not post questions.
- Users can add listings with 4 inputs. Name of Product, Price, Explanation, Contact.

8) Job Posting Plugin (like in stackoverflow - https://stackoverflow.com/jobs)
- This is a page plugin, it does not post questions.
- Only enterprise users (verified) can post jobs vacancies.

9) Hot Tags
- In stackoverflow tags page (https://stackoverflow.com/tags) at the bottom of every tag it shows how many time this tag is used today and this week separately.
- With same logic a widget Hot Tags can be developed. It will show only hot tags of the day or week.
- Current Tag cloud shows how many time the tag used since the site has born. 

10) Complain/Block Plugin
- Logic is similar with Facebook/Twitter blocking/complaining.
The user A can complaing user B, if it sends bad/rude messages or posts on wall. 
And admin can give penalty points for bad behaviour. 

Or User A can directly block the user B, so that B cannot inteact with A anymore.

Currently in qa at http://www.question2answer.org/qa/account there are enable/disable ticks for privage messages and wall posts. This can be impleneted there, for example, when private messages enabled a box below will appear where user can write userids or username for exclusion.

nice ideas raised there though some remain to be desired from far
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11) Points fo Loyality Plugin

The users get +1 point per day for being logged in on that day. 

If user does not visit the site by being log-in for lets say 10 days, then s/he gets -1 point.

This can be easily designed if this issue is resolved (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/65788/bonus-points-needs-some-improvements).

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Hi JackSiro,

a good Plugin would be a real E-Mail notification.

Q2A only send e-mails to the question author if there are new answers or to an answer author if there is a comment to his answer.

In my opinion, the community will be more engaged if not only the question author will be informed if there is a new answer/comment. Instead all participants of the thread/topic will be informed (depending on the checkbox) that there is a new answer/comment or something else in the thread.

I don't know why this is not in the core, because all other forum software around has this functionality and it will get the users more engaged with the forum.

Thanks halfstone
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12) Friend Referrer/Inviter Plugin 

-Directly from a wigdet in Q2A website user can invite non-users to register to the site.

-Each successfull invitation will bring some certain points to inviter.

-On Q2A registration link, there can be placed a field input "I was invited by ...." or select "I was not invited by anyone".

same here.i need this plugin.please some one develope this.
Please develop this plugin I need it too. Get an excellent affiliate program so that users can attract visitors through their referral links and earn points. This will drive traffic to the site. It is also possible to include in the basic version of Q2A.
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Great ideas @esqeudero :) Have You got any custom plugins for sale, maybe?

I'm in for betting plugin and all plugins about new points features :) I need betting absolutely like this:
- User adding bet subject nad placing bet for some option in points.
- other people can place bet on same option or other
- admin of some bet can set stake for each bet option (for example 1:2 if yes, 3:1 if yes etc.) 
- people can earn points for betting and people can set bets in many subjects to make our site living :)

It should works as betting plugin for old phpbb forum .

I'm using Q2A as social-article CMS too :) 

About Your other plugin ideas:
- send/receive points - just check point trade pro from @sama55 . It's working perfect!
- promoted posts - maybe JABP from @pupi1985 ? Maybe update @pupi to bump for X points?

Points for royalty is good idea, really fast to make I think :)

@JackSiro - I need many plugins and I'm ready to pay some advance to make it possible, if You can make this fast. If you're interested about collaboration, please PM me, maybe we could make something together :)

I'm now working with @pupi1985 for Personality Quiz/Trivia plugin, with own rankings, my other ideas and plugins which I need:
- create a category for users - I need option for my users to create categories on my site , with moderation of this
- polls - new , great polls plugin, which offer ability to post own answers by users too , not only prepared
- upload files (graphics/images) to answers and comments by users
- ranked lists - my site working like social-blog site, I need to offer my users something like creating ranked lists - they making for example: 10 best songs ever , with some description and people can vote for each "paragraph" - something like advanced polls :)

and much more, I have many ideas and many plans for my site on q2a :)


yeah its possible. let me pm you
Hi Piotr Baranowski, where I can find point trade pro plugin, I need to test it.
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This is other idea that i think IS necesary:

--there is a complement so that the user can choose several better response in an automated way?


It turns out that too many pages accumulate and choosing a better answer can be tedious. will there be something that automates and distributes the set of questions per user to give the best answers to the users that he considers or to a position of the numerical list?
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I miss a plugin, with which I can show as administrator all users, which were not logged in for a certain time. I would like to delete all of them. Example: Delete all users who have not logged in for 30 days.

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can you make a plugin for "contact requester" ?