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New Premium Plugin: Private Message Adapter

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asked Aug 8 in Plugins by JackSiro
edited Aug 9 by JackSiro

If you have ever wished to use an editor on while sending a private message my new plugin will help you in achieving this.

You can get it from here: https://github.com/JackSiro/Q2A-PM-Adapter-Plugin

This plugin is not free. You can get it for just $30 which is payable to my paypal jaksiro@gmail.com.

Once you download just get back to me on email or pm and I can sort as soon as possible.

More features have and will be added to this plugin

Thanks to @MONKEY 

Q2A version: 1.6
commented Oct 10 by arjunsuresh
Is this available now?
commented Oct 10 by JackSiro
Very much available just follow the link attached to download or open http://jacksiro.github.io/q2a
commented Oct 12 by arjunsuresh
Thank you. I have paid you the money. It is for this plugin - hope you will mail me that.

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answered Aug 9 by JackSiro
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Having seen a new complain concerning the feedback page I decided to extend the Premium Message plugin to accommodate new features on the feedback page

  1. Save feedback messages on the site
  2. Custom feedback Topics
  3. Admin page as shown below

Therefore the worth of this plugin has doubled and it will be $ 30

commented Aug 9 by arjunsuresh
Nice :) Having an option to reply to feedbacks would be awesome.
commented Aug 10 by Piotr Baranowski
great, if You will add this "reply to feedback", I'm interested to buy this plugin :)
commented Aug 10 by JackSiro
that was already taken care of. Its you to take action
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answered Aug 8 by Piotr Baranowski
Cool plugin - not for me, but maybe someone will be interested :-)

I'm looking for FEEDBACK messages manager - have You got something like this?
Page with all feedback messages with email / username and message text - really needed!
commented Aug 8 by JackSiro
will explore it and see if it can be done
commented Aug 9 by JackSiro
Its already done check a new answer that is already selected
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answered Aug 8 by MONKEY
edited Aug 8 by MONKEY
the complement is perfectly adapted, allows private communication to have greater interactivity and privacy in the sharing of text images and other aspects of communication between the interested parties. I appreciate your management and listen. works perfectly with the.editor ckeditor

I also recommend your plugin -closed site plugin is very powerful

thanks @JackSIro
commented Aug 9 by JackSiro
Thank you too
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answered Aug 11 by Trax

The plugin looks good smiley
Does that work too maxon control templates (Q2A V 1.8.0)?

commented Aug 11 by JackSiro
this plugin works with whatever theme or template is installed on your site
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answered Aug 14 by Trax


Thanks for the good plugin 
The Anti-Spam-Captcha is only visible for users who are not logged in.
What do I have to do, so that Anti-Spam-Captcha with registered users is displayed?
The function in Q2A Admisitration (Use captcha on feedback form) is activated.


commented Aug 15 by JackSiro
if you are already bought the plugin could youbplease get back to me on email so that can discuss more of these issues you are raising