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If you ever wanted your site users to block annoying users on the site then this plugin will help that become a reality:


  1. Normal user can block an annoying user
  2. Admin can either block as admin (entire site) or a him/herself
  3. Blocked user can not view profile, wall or account of the person that blocked him/her
  4. Blocked user can not answer or comment on a post by the person that blocked him/her but can still view the posts
  5. Unblocking feature available

PRICE: $ 30

DETAILS: https://github.com/JacksiroKe/Q2A-Advanced-Blocker-Plugin

Q2A version: 1.6
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Create a video, show how it works. Correct the mistakes of your plugins, why are you fooling people? I won’t let you cheat, and believe me, I’m not the only one here. Do the work to the end, and don’t leave people!

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Does it work with version 1.8.3?

If so, I want it.

What is the current cost of the plugin?

Way to pay?
yeah it works and costs 30 $
ok i sent you an email