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How to have a plugin together with a copy of the same plugin with a changed code? My purpose is to show two widgets of both versions. ie: I changed q2apro's most active users of the current month to most answered users of the previous month. How can I keep this two versions together? I want that two widgets to be added. How can I make a copy of this plugin? What all variables should I rename? GitHub - q2apro/q2apro-most-active-users: Question2Answer Plugin: Displays the most active users of the current week or the current month in a widget.

Q2A version: 1.8

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You have to change the class names used mainly for "page or event" modules. The modules you can find in qa-plugin file. The layer file, usually you can leave untouched except if you want to avoid loading/modify some scripts or css file. Also, in qa-plugin file you can see if any lang file is being used - the lang string must be unique for a plugin.
Thank you very much. I made it :)
You're welcome :)