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I am using the Q&A beta version with basic AdSense widget. It’s a mile step to predecessor of QandA but the is one minor problem. 

I have number of sites and number of google adsense banner codes that belong to different ad channels. 

Those are design specifically in mind where you can designate certain part of the site to display text or rich media ads rather than letting google to choose for you.

I would like to contribute to the designer of this plug in to enable user to enter adsence ad channel code to the list of available placements.

i.e.: Side Panel – Last –> enter ad channel code.

Please let me know if there is a simple way of editing those or if any of you are perhaps can patch this basic adsense to enable this quite important function.


Many thanks,

Proud user of your fab software. 

Since this is
 * an open Sourceplugin
 * it is still not implemented
 * i can do that

I would improve that plugin for a little donation / favor / what ever

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Yes, the basic Adsense plugin is just that - very basic. I hope someone will develop a more powerful one and make it available.