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When notification appears for new visitor, it disable the question link (you user unbale to click on question link that showing on home page). We need to remove notification of FAQ first, then we can able to click on question otherwise not?

How to resolve this issue without disabling it from FAQ plugin?

Can you please resolve this issue, thanks in advance.

Q2A version: 1.8.2
I don't get it. You want the notification to be displayed or not? If you want it displayed, what change do you suggest?
You'd probably have to contact the plugin author directly, but it would be something to do with the CSS. It's probably using `position:absolute` which goes above everything else. Q2A has built-in notices so I don't know why this plugin is adding one with different CSS.
@Scott ,  I have unchecked "Show notification for new visitors", and trying to resolve this issue. I seems that owner of FAQ plugin: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/9852/frequently-asked-question-faq-plugin-feedback
 is not active on this discussion site, I've sent message on gmail, hope he will reply
@pupi1985 , yes I need, but when I checked "Show notification for new visitors" (it shows above message on home page: "First time here? Checkout the FAQ!") then goes above everything else, means other link question link does not work (unable to click on question link that given in home page). So, I want to resolve this issue and make working other links as well ""

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