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Sometimes Spam users questions are published without approval. Question confirmation is active.

I also block a lot of spam users from the site every day. Recaptcha active on site.

Please do something about spam users in the new q2a version.
Q2A version: 1.8.2
"Sometimes Spam users questions are published without approval" => Try to disable all plugins that didn't come with the core and see if that still happens
To be clear, do you have the "Enable moderation (approval) of users" turn on? And the spam users signed up while that setting was on? Also what are your Permissions settings?
I've activated the Moderation usage setting for the few users. I think this problem is solved this way. But can't we add a control, such as asking random questions to the registration screen to block spam users?

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You didn't answer about your Permissions settings, but I think you probably have them set wrong. To prevent unapproved users from posting, you need to set it in Admin > Permissions.

For example set "Asking questions" to "Approved users".