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I have received an email from Google today email is below.

They want me to design my web in a certain way. they added a link to this email. I have copied that below.

Get started with Q&A rich results

Google Search Console

New Google rich result for Q&A pages

To the owner of https://www.mydomain.com

Google has detected that your site has markup for Question and Answer pages. These pages might soon begin to appear in Google Search results with special features.

To support for this feature for your site, ensure that your markup conforms to the guidelines in the linked "get started" document below. Use the Rich Results Test to test your code and preview the possible appearance in Google Search results. Use the Q&A Rich Result report to see if Google can find and crawl your Q&A items. The Performance report can show you which user queries showed your Q&A Rich Results in Google Search, and how these change over time.

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This "special design" is an implementation of the Schema.org QAPage, Question and Answer schema, which Question2Answer is already doing. It seems though that to properly pass the test (https://search.google.com/test/rich-results) you must be running at least Q2A 1.8.2 that contains some structured data fixes (my site on 1.8.0 doesn't pass it, but question2answer.org/qa does)

TL;DR: Update to 1.8.2+ to make use of rich result display in Google