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@scott, @pupi1985, Yesterday this Q2A site was showing users 32.2k and today it shows 33.3k more than 1000 users registered in a day. Also 33k users dont seems real, I checked few user profile and they posted SPAM link in their profile. Please check newly registered users.

This issue I have seen on other Q2A site also. It happens even if recaptcha is enabled.

It is time to add extra screening/checks before registering new users. please think on this.
I know it is good if other people develop plugins, thats good for the community. When it comes to mandatory features like SPAM protection or any useful feature to grow community, I feel it must be part of Q2A default plugin or core. Again these are my views, you and scott may think differently.

I thought of posting issues about that user management plugin here and on github then forgot. I will do when I get time.
Maybe if someone develops a *high quality* solution as a plugin and creates a pull request to the Q2A repo, *maybe*, Scott will merge it
in 2.5 month 5.6k users(around 75 users register per day) are added, today user count on this site is 38.9k .....You and scott should look into this spam issue.
That comment brings up to step 1, I guess, and we'll have to talk about SPAM prevention and SPAM cleaning.

In your last comment you said you were going to post some issues of the user management plugin (SPAM cleaning) here. I haven't seen any post about that plugin in the last months. Just to clarify, I'll try to fix the issues (at least those that are relatively easy to fix) but I won't develop new features

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