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I got the following error when i register/login through google in my q2a page. Anyone can help me?

AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1100: Table 'userid_src' was not locked with LOCK TABLES - Query: insert into qa_catpoints (categoryid, userid, points) select b.categoryid,'2', 300*(select COUNT(*) AS aselecteds FROM qa_posts AS userid_src JOIN qa_posts AS questions ON questions.selchildid=userid_src.postid WHERE userid_src.userid='2' AND userid_src.type='A' AND NOT (questions.userid<=>userid_src.userid) and (userid_src.catidpath1 =b.categoryid or userid_src.catidpath2 = b.categoryid or userid_src.categoryid = b.categoryid))+10*(select COALESCE(SUM(LEAST(2*upvotes,20)-LEAST(2*downvotes,5)), 0) AS avoteds FROM qa_posts AS userid_src WHERE LEFT(type, 1)='A' AND userid='2' and (userid_src.catidpath1 =b.categoryid or userid_src.catidpath2 = b.categoryid or userid_src.categoryid = b.categoryid)) \n\t\t\tas points from qa_categories b on duplicate key update points=VALUES(points)\n', referer: https:// accounts.google.com/signin/oauth/oauthchooseaccount?client_id=99608663837-8tkbs9cps03809up08cfl4ts19835tth.apps.googleusercontent.com&as=7eVdud3OJQWe3GTFwBW-HA&destination=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.humanknows.com&approval_state=!ChRxYW9JMUVyS21TcXZld3RfMTRXMRIfSV81RG9ramI0aG9XUUhVU2RlLXNqMHhMdlpDY2h4WQ%E2%88%99APNbktkAAAAAXEl0lXpwcP8QYucwIpOGQ3vQKnrRUbk1&oauthgdpr=1&oauthriskyscope=1&xsrfsig=ChkAeAh8T7C2daG2M3QMDVH-tfGc_I6YwYY8Eg5hcHByb3ZhbF9zdGF0ZRILZGVzdGluYXRpb24SBXNvYWN1Eg9vYXV0aHJpc2t5c2NvcGU&flowName=GeneralOAuthFlow


catpoints is not a table that is part of the core. You should double check your installed plugins and core hacks

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