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i want to change my domain from http://bdtips.us to http://bdtip.com but how can do it ? please anyone help me.

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Both of domains are yours ? If yes than you can change it by moving.

My answer;

Before everything , You have to make us to sure about if both domain are yours.If yes than you have to ask your hosting provider for changin hosting for new domain ( generally they dont accept and you have to buy new web hosting for new domain.)

If you get a new web hosting for new web hosting than take a look at this post of Scott.

You will see ( 4- Back up the database from the old site. )

this bacup will be like oldsite.sql and open this with like Notepad++ .After opening use CTRL+H and write old domain name http://bdtips.us  , change with http://bdtip.com  and click to replace all.After that save it as newsite.sql and you can continue from 5 one of scott post

plz tell the procedure .
well explained.