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TL;DR: Which private information is collected, and what is its purpose?

In more details:
To comply with GDPR (the European privacy regulation) I'm trying to write a "privacy" page on my instance of Question2Answer. To that end I'm trying to understand which private information is collected and why.

Since I've configured it so that only registered users can post questions or answers, it seems I only collect:

  • email addresses, to be able to send messages to reset password or for notifications (eg: "your question had an answer")
  • The IP they registered with, the last IP they logged in with, and the last IP they posted something with. I'm not sure why those IPs are needed though (for moderation purposes I guess, but though I'm the admin of my site, I'm not sure how I can use this information)

I would be grateful if you can tell me if I missed some private information or if I misunderstood a usage.

I suppose the IP is collected to show recent activity from an IP.
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That's right.  Administrators can check recent activity from a given IP and can also block IPs. Here's more information: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/56201/are-bans-supposed-prevent-search-query-spam-its-not-working

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These standards have long been abolished.
I'm afraid I don't understand which standards you're talking about