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I think user profile redirect might be improved a bit. Now I'm facing the following problem:

In the latest version of Q2A, when I go to the URL
it should redirect to

Supposing I've installed the q2a-privileges plugin on my Q2A installation, the privileges tab will be available via http://mysite/user/my-username?tab=privileges. If I access the URL

it should go to


and so on for every URL query string.

I know that by accessing https://mysite/user, I get automatically redirected https://mysite/user/my-username. However, if I insert a URL query string, it will be lost during redirect.

So the questions are:

  • May query strings be kept when handling such redirects?
  • If it is not possible, does exist there an alternative to achieve such redirect, while keeping query strings (using only HTML)?
Q2A version: Question2Answer 1.8.3, build of 2019-01-12

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