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When the full name is set, I want to display full name instead of account name.

Please teach me option or best solution.

Best regards.

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I'm afraid there's no easy solution to this. My best suggestion would be to create a plugin with a layer that extracts the userids from the raw post information in the question list, and uses those userids to obtain the users' full names from the qa_userprofile table, modifying the information to be displayed as appropriate.
Thanks gidgreen for your suggestion.
I want to strengthen security and the display though other bulletin boards are also the same. There seem to be a lot of change points. I also examine it a little more.
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Why don't you get the users to input their full name as the account name? Users log in with their email address anyway so the username can be anything. Just change the language file so "Username" says "Full name". Then remove the full name field.
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Thank you so much DisgruntledGoat.

When only Q2A is used, your method is vest answer at present. However, I use WordPress together, and should match user name with both systems. WordPress cannot use the double byte character for user name(I'm Japanese).

For security, I do not want to display user's property as much as possible. In that sense, input of full name(DisplayName/NickName) is also indispensable to me.
Re #2: Displaying the username isn't a security issue. And Q2A uses it in the URLs of the user pages, so it's easy to find anyway - you can't really hide it.
If only some users(eg.superadmin, admin, etc) can see other user's property, it is more better.