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If your question is confirmation of the email at the time of user registration ...

Admin > Spam > Request confirmation of user emails = ON
Admin > Spam > All new users must confirm their email = ON
I means that email confirmation code is not senting.in my q2a site
what is your site address....?
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open Admin>Emails and check Send email via SMTP instead of local mail box

and if you are using your gmail for activation then set this options:

SMTP server address: smtp.gmail.com
SMTP server port:  587
SMTP secure connection: TLS

and check the Send SMTP username and password box
and add this options
SMTP username: youremail@gmail.com
SMTP password: your e-mail password

can I use hotmail account instead of gmail?
yes you can .. here's the settings
SMTP server address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
SMTP server port:  587
SMTP secure connection: TLS
My smtp server port display 25 defaulty. Should I edit it to 587?
Yes change it to 587
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Which mail should I write in the smtp username section?