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Hi all,

I need urgent money for rent payments. Whoever wants to buy all these 6 premium plugins as one package, I can make extra discounts from total price. Just PM me or write through whatsapp +905343886982

1) BonusPlus (75 USD for 5 extentions)

2) Scheduled Posts (30 USD)

3) VerifyPlus (50 USD)

4) PM Plus (50 USD)

5) Online Plus (20 USD)

6) NoSpam (30 USD)

*** I am also open to any offers for designing new plugins.

Q2A version: 1.8
Thanks. I have already bought some of yours and they work pretty well. Is it possible for you to make an editor review plugin? The following things need to be done:
1. Add a new edit permission level -- this allows to edit but must go for review
2. The post owner and admins/moderators must be able to diff the changes and do approval on the post page.
3. A page for admins to review all edits in review.

Should be able to use edit-history plugin here. Please give a quote if you can do this. I also need some other plugins -- will confirm and let you know.
I will get a look to it after thursday. On thursday I have PhD Dissertation defense.
Great; All the best :) Which University are you?
pm esqeudero
@arjun istanbul university
eugin checking
1. Add a new edit permission level -- this allows to edit but must go for review
This first condition, do you want to select which users can edit and review using userids ?
Or you want to use core userlevels such as BASIC

add me on line (ID: ihlasnobatovich) or whats app +905343886982 for instant communication.
@arjun I have completed your edit-review plugin. Contact me asap please.
line (ID: ihlasnobatovich) or whats app +905343886982

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