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This is premium paid plugin that offers review option for edits. It is tested on qa 1.8.0.

Price for plugin is 30 USD. I cannot use paypal as in Turkey it does not work. I have Skrill account. PM me if you interested.

Functionality of plugin:

1) Plugin creates a table in database to store data.

2) Admin sets userlevels who can edit posts.

3) Post edit is subjected to approval (review). If it is accepted by reviewer then it becomes valid, otherwise pre-edit version will be valid.

4) Admin sets userlevels who can review posts that are submitted for edition.

5) Reviewers can Accept/Reject edition.

6) Reviewers can see difference between pre-edit and post-edit versions comparatively. The changes will be highlight.

7) There is a pending edits page for reviewers where they can accept reject pending edition submissions.

8) There is "see edit" button for reviewers on q-list each edition pending questions. Reviewers can click on button and perform review.

Screenshots from admin/plugins:

Screenshots from questions list page (only reviewers can see "see edit" button):

Screenshots from pending edits page (only reviewers can see this page):

Screenshots from review decision page (only reviewers can see this page):



standard username: deneme_11

pass: test1234

moderator username: demo

pass: demo1234

Q2A version: 1.8.0
Do you store the edits before publishing? Or is the edit saved immediately and the question hold for moderation? - Ah, I just see, it's stored and not applied until the edit has been accepted. https://www.e-dostluk.com/q2a-demo/see-edit

That means you store the changed version in the separate table and then assign it only to the post after 1 moderator accepted it?
yes it works like you say. editted version is stored untill reviewer accept or rejects it.

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