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Bug or feature in version 1.4.1?

On the right side the number of users is displayed.

This number seems to be retrieved from the database by just extracting the maximum userid from the table users instead of really counting the amount of users by e.g. qa_db_count_users($qa_db).

This may be good for performance reasons - but if you've deleted some (test-)users from your database the maximum userid is not equal to the real number of users...

ok, ok, maybe not tooooo relevant - but it may lead to wrong numbers   ;)

True, but then again listing the number of registered accounts isn't a reliable number either. Some people may have made multiple accounts and many users probably made an account but never posted.

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The user count is based on the number of users in the qa_userpoints table, not the count of different user IDs per se. If you've deleted some test users, you can click the 'Recalculate user points' button in the 'Stats' section of the admin panel, and the count will become correct.