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I am experiencing a mod_security issue which causes the Layout page in the Admin area to give a "page not found" it does not update changes. I am guessing this might be occurring because of some code I have for google tag manager and some other things in the head tag. which was able to be resolved on a non-cloudflare site by whitelisting mod_security rules. On cloudflare my cloudflare enabled site I have not been able to resolve the issue. I have only the free version of cloudflare and have attempted to reduce the WAF all the way down to the "essentially off" setting and this has not resolved the issue.
Q2A version: 8.2

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I was able to resolve this in cloudflare. From what I can see from previous posts, the mod_security issues have been been worked on and mostly resolved. Hopefully this specific issue with the layout page can also be resolved. I see if I can get more specific information on the issue and post it here. Thanks!