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Yesterday I came with a problem. I was not able to post some code and I was getting an error.

"Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off Javascript.”

After digging and digging into the problem and mod_security rules I tweaked them to let my site accept that. Of course  leaving my site open to attacks, have daily backups and restore everything in case I got hacked, its not a good solution.

I see its a very common complaint here and its something that really needs to be fixed.

Anyone that knows about this and can share something deeper ?



How have you modified the mod_security rules ? Which of the rules was blocking you ?  Accessing which of the Q2A pages ?
If the developers want, they can install Atomic mod_security rules and test it themselves. The problem is the code posted and not the application. There may be a way to rewrite the way the app allows code to be posted in a way that will not trigger a block.

- Which of the rules was blocking you ?
Rule #340157 in 10_asl_rules.conf.
Rule #360148 in 11_asl_adv_rules.conf.

- Accessing which of the Q2A pages ?
Any page. I tried to post code and get the error. I don't get it with all the code, but some of them trigger the problem.
Thanks for details. Just another question : what do you mean when you say : "the problem is the *code* posted and not the application" ?
Select a bunch of code, paste it as an answer and boom.

So if you discuss code as a developer is not a good thing to happen in your site. Just like here, imagine that when sharing snippets, code and so on, the security thing starts... As I said is not with all the code in the word, but yes with some that have to do with security.

Thats the problem.

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