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I'm using a plugin to embed youtube video. It works but there is a concern. The videos are not responsive, which means they pop out of viewing area in mobile devices.

Normally, I can make them responsive by using a "wrapper" DIV tag. However, it looks as if Q2A does not allow DIV tags in questions' content.

How can I find a solution?
Q2A version: 1.83

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Well of course, Q2A doesn't allow the conversion of markup to actual HTML for security reasons.
Doing that would open a door for hackers, an exploitation for code injection, which is one of the methods used by hackers when performing an attack.

In you want to make such changes, you'll need to access the plugin's source code.

The real threat is the javascript, but I do have content security criteria to stop this. But DIV tags are harmless, I think.
The plugin code does have the ability to add "div" tags, but it seems that the Q2A's HTMLAW cleans things off.
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I found a way through CSS job.
iframe {
  width: 50vw;
  height: 28.125vw; /*16:9*/