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The badges plugin is more or less stable now, but before moving to a beta stage, I just wanted to ask if there were any early adopters that haven't already given feedback on it with something to say.

Particularily, it would be nice to get some feedback on whether all the badges seem to be awarded as expected.

Also, just a reminder that you should click the "Rebuild Badges" button every time you update the code, in case I've added new badges, otherwise they won't show up in people's profiles.

In case you haven't read the original post, the code is here:

Is it possible to publish the badges on Facebook. I have seen this while i wrote 1 article on squidoo.com. After publishing my article, i was awarded 2 trophies and it was automatically published on my facebook.

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The plugin don't work for me I installed it and when i go to plugins page it just shows a white screen with links saying "page not found" can you assist me on what to do?
Check if the table qa_badges has been created.
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Now 1/18/2013, i was download and install this plugin. And i can't go to plugin page after active this plugin. This is my error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in...\qa-plugin\badges\qa-plugin.php on line 115

Please help me! Thanks NoahY so much!

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Today, i was download bagges Plugin on Github. After add the widget on side panel, my page show some error below:

Notice: Undefined variable: badge in D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-plugin\badges\qa-badge-widget.php on line 26
Question2Answer fatal error:

Reading one assoc from invalid result

Stack trace:

require() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\index.php:31
require() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-include\qa-index.php:163
qa_output_content() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-include\qa-page.php:762
html() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-include\qa-page.php:332
html() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-include\qa-app-format.php(1466) : eval()'d code:127
body() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-theme\KWP.1.2\qa-theme.php:169
body_content() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-theme\KWP.1.2\qa-theme.php:370
sidepanel() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-theme\KWP.1.2\qa-theme.php:489
widgets() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-theme\KWP.1.2\qa-theme.php:867
widgets() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-include\qa-app-format.php(1466) : eval()'d code:55
output_widget() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-theme\KWP.1.2\qa-theme.php:133
qa_db_read_one_assoc() D:\xampp\htdocs\zk154\qa-plugin\badges\qa-badge-widget.php:26

Please help me! Thanks NoahY

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Hello. Thank you for Badges

Can you help with translate?

in instuction 
"The translation file is qa-lang-badges.php. Copy this file to the qa-lang/<your-language>/ directory."

but now the name of file with translate is "qa-badge-lang-default.php",right?

will i need to change name of file to qa-lang-badges.php?


your naming is not correct . Rename it like qa-badge-lang-ru.php . Move it to the badge plugin folder ,where the qa-badge-lang-default.php present . It should be in the same direcory . Then everything should work perfecct .