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This plugin works very slowly. It does not work in the background while deleting all the questions. After a while, when I say delete all questions, the page gives an error.

When I say delete all hidden records, it uses a lot of server resources.

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Depending on your type of hosting and the size of information you want to delete.

It can take minutes to hours.

You must also change your options for PHP




at a value of approximately 300

You do not specify the error that sent you

But it can be 502

To do this you must increase the ngnix timeout if your hosting is on that system
The number of online users on my website is huge. Website slows down when 10 users try to delete their questions at the same time.
There are an average of 2k online users on my website.
Server features are fine. (16 core processor, 32 gb ram and ssd disk). However, mysql cpu usage is up to 500%.