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I recently installed this package and noticed that there was no "views" shown in my version.  After some debugging, I determined that the "show_view_counts" option was NULL in my qa_options table.

This raises 2 points:

  • There doesn't seem to be any GUI to turn this on / off.  Maybe I'm just missing it?
  • The variable "show_view_counts" seems to be mising $fixed_defaults array in qa-include/qa-app-options.php

Am I right about this?


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I found it strange also that the view count was missing.  But if you look on line 292 of qa-page-admin.php, you find:

        case 'lists':
            $showoptions=array('page_size_home', 'page_size_activity', 'page_size_qs', 'page_size_hot_qs', 'page_size_una_qs');
            if (qa_opt('do_count_q_views'))

And lo and behold, go to admin/lists, and there is the option.

Good to know.  I still think the setting is missing in the initial config though.  I noticed that in the DB, the value was initially null.  I manually updated it to 1 and it started working as expected.  Now I notice that the config GUI toggles the value between 0 and 1 but it's still never null.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.
That's just how the settings work.  I doubt there was a database entry at all.  When you call qa_opt(), it returns a NULL value when the setting doesn't exist (unless there is a default set, which there isn't in this case).  For PHP tests, NULL is effectively the same as 0, so this is fine.  If you do a test:


you'll get false either way.  If you check the checkbox, it will be saved as a 1 in the database, and then the above test will return true.  If you uncheck it later, it will be saved as a 0, effectively the same as not having the setting at all.  That's just how the script works.
This bug can still be seen in Q2A 1.6 Progress,please remember to fix it.