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I suddenly realized that all my questions and answers got downvoted overnight.

For example:


I know that the one behind this. He's a plugin seller. Don't want to mention his name, as he was a good contributor some years ago.

He has Extra privileges to do whatever, even get this post disappeared in 5 or 6 seconds.
Will try a plugin for this. Because it is applicable for any Q2A site.

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I'm sorry to hear about this incident @Not A Plugin Seller,

Down voting posts is a privilege owned by everybody in the community, so this could literally be anyone. It's hard to believe that a Moderator would go on a downvoting spree on all your posts just because.

It was probably just a coincidence, that this happened at the same time he/she happened to close your question.
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I checked into it and I guarantee it's not who you think it is. The user that voted you down has never posted on here but instead given out a ton of downvotes.

Ironically they had over 1600 points because you get a point for downvoting, but I have now removed that on this site. I'll consider limiting downvotes to users with more points to try and prevent this happening in the future.