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In following plugin for blog,

Q2A Blog Tool Plugin - Ultimate Blogging Solution for q2a -> Now 1.6.2


I am facing following issues after plugin is installed:

Issue 1

"Mark , unmark a post as featured , and a special featured page" although this featured

is mentioned above , i can not see anywhere to mark article as featured article in post article link.

Issue 2

I have chosen post classifiation as Tags & category in Admin Side , so when i post an article i get choice of

category as well as i have place to write tags,

but after post is published i do not see categories option on right hand side of blog as demonstrated in demo of blog.

Can any one help urgently>
Hi arjun , Thanks for your replies, i am  using classic theme,  what can i look in classic theme to fix this, also can u let me know how u made the plugin for blog post which gives point.
Oh. In classic theme also I'm able to see Featured button. I don't think there was any customisation which was needed to make this work. Have you contacted the plugin developer?
Thanks Arjun for ur replies, i implemented donot theme and everything is right.
Can you please let me know how u worked out for plugin which gives point to blog post..

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