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I am trying to contact owner of this Plugin Ami, but no response any one has the idea about following issue with his plugin:

1>There is no option to flag spam article as its in question and answer of q2a section, is this missing or how could it be implemented , Note other feature like Edit, Hide, Close, Delete are there.

2> When someone adds blog post it does not increase Score, of that user. I can see In Admin there is section to add point for "Posting Question" , "Posting Answer" etc

but there is no option to configure points for "Adding Blog Posts"

Any body there to suggest these issues?
so this all has to be done in your plugin from github or also need to touch core code of q2a??
All possible in plugin
Is it possible for you to do it earlier for me i am ready to pay you
I'm sorry. I have bigger commitments to fulfill.

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