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How to show multi-level category menu like this? This will give good user experience and easy navigation to categories.

Currently, Multilevel menu shows only in sidebar and only if we click on the menu.

I think multi-level menu for the category should be displayed through ajax call on hover or click. But currently, it shows on page reload after click.

Q2A version: 1.8.4
Is your picture from an existing theme/plugin, or is it a mock-up?

I do have it on my to-do list to make the category page load everything up front instead of separate pages for every sub-category. Whether I'll have time to do it any time soon is another matter :)
Hi @Scott, it is just a mock-up as per my view.
Hi @Scott, I can do it but I am not aware of q2a structure.
If you please tell me where do I need to change the code, I can do it and send you pull request to add it in core project.

Basically, I am an experienced developer in Laravel/php, Node.js. So, I can easily do it in my own way but need to understand q2a code structure to implement in it.

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