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What is a fast and error free mobile theme?  Free or payed.

I had to move away from the mobile snowflat because of the errors:


I used DONUT for the mobile , but since May 10th Google update, the pages are reported to be SLOW.
Q2A version: 1.8.3
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Hey there @Fahimalfarhan . Muffin theme development is pretty much concluded. The development of New Features (as you previously asked via DMs), will only mess with the base price, and right now Muffin is at a good spot where people who cannot afford Frapuchino or Aven, can still enjoy a good theme for a lesser price.
So for now, there's no intentions of making any major updates. But we'll see in the future.


muffin is a very slow theme. check your inbox.
Is it possible for you to add a dummy project in GitHub for your themes so that one can raise issues? As of now I have nothing to raise, just a suggestion :)
Thanks @arjunsuresh , I will consider doing that. As for now, you can use my email ( gdev.business[at]gmail.com ) to report any bugs, as everybody is doing. Fixes will be pushed for future updates.

Sure it may be heavy on mobile devices @fahimalfarhan , it's mainly a desktop focused theme. Although I have no problems navigating trough pages when I'm using the demo site on my cellphone. and the website is set on a free hosting, with limited resources.

But that's the reason why I decided to develop a separate theme when I started developing Frapuchino and Aven themes. So people could have a more articulated, mobile-dedicated theme.

Which also means double the work, that's why the prices were a bit more expensive at the beginning. Along the run, I decided to separate them, and make them individual products. The prices were adjusted and the mobile theme also known as Mobile X now, will soon be available as a solo theme, so everybody can purchase it, and not only be part of a package deal.


Thanks for the feedback

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The Donut theme is very slow on mobile devices.

The default theme is very fast. You need to make 3 small changes and Google will stop complaining.

You need to set display : none for #qam-sidepanel-toggle, .qa-sidepanel, and .qa-sidepanel.open

In one answer on this website, they are suggesting to set display: none only for .qa-sidepanel, and .qa-sidepanel.open, but it's better to hide toggle too.

Source: https://www.discoverbits.in/2150/question2answer-how-to-make-snowflat-theme-mobile-friendly