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when the user changes his password his account still logged in another browser. If someone hacked my password there is no way to protect the account from hackers.There should be a option to log out of all sessions.


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It should work for you now.Replace the 232 no line of qa-include/pages/account.php with the code.

if (qa_is_logged_in()) {


} // remove the session for the user.

Where is "password changing section" that I can put this function in?
Could be that this will not work anyways, see: https://stackoverflow.com/q/6472123/1066234
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I posted a reply on the GitHub issue: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/issues/824#issuecomment-654363679

The short version is that Q2A already implements this, however due to the way web browsers work now the sessions may not actually expire. I'll work on a way to solve it for the next version of Q2A.

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