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From the text input into radio, for example.

Input text

Like this

input radio

Q2A version: 1.83 - testing if html tags works <script></script>. Obviously, hackers can exploit this if you are not careful about displaying "extra field"!!!

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I finally found a solution after studying ask.php file and qa-theme-base.php.

public function form_field($field, $style)


if (@$field['tags'] == 'name="extra"') {
$this->output('<input type="radio" name="extra" value="" checked>  Empty Value  <input type="radio" id="extra" name="extra" value="ABC"> Value ABC   <input type="radio" id="extra" name="extra" value="XYZ"> Value XYZ');

    qa_html_theme_base::form_field($field, $style);

However, it will never be perfect, because when the user re-edits his question, the normal text form reappears. This is quite disturbing!

What is the function or php file that determines the layout of "question edit"? sad