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after upgrade to new 1.8.4

try to edit qa-theme file

nothing change
Q2A version: 1.8.4
You need to give more info for people to help you. What did you change, in exactly what file? Did you definitely upload the file to your server?
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The file qa-theme in include folder , i put the file on the title of question

before update all changed effect on this file

now i add echo or $this->output , nothing happen !
qa-theme folder (and its files including qa-theme.php file) is not a child folder of qa-include folder.

If you mean the file qa-theme-base.php inside qa-include folder, it won't survive an update.

If you do not have a backup, everything is gone.
qa-theme-base.php yes , i don't  need backup , when i editing it , nothing effect
You are doing the wrong way. Any function in your theme's qa-theme.php will override or modify what's in qa-include/qa-theme-base.php.

Obviously, you are trying to change something in qa-theme-base.php file, but the function exists in your theme's qa-theme.php file.

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There is no file “qa-theme” but from the comments it seems you mean “qa-theme-base.php”. That file is where the core HTML output comes from, but it can be overridden by your theme or by plugins.

Look in the folder for your theme under the “qa-theme” folder (e.g. qa-theme/SnowFlat), there should be a file “qa-theme.php” (this is why I asked for the exact file you edited, because some have similar names). In qa-theme.php you will see some of the same functions as qa-theme-base.php, try making your change in here.

If it still doesn’t change then it could be due to a layer plugin. This is harder to find but it will be a PHP file somewhere under the “qa-plugin” folder.
the problem was , there is plugin change it !