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This is premium paid plugin that offers rating system for categories (only parent categories) and user feedback review notes. It is tested on qa 1.8.0.

Actually, I designed this plugin for one of q2a members for a fee and normally i follow one-year embargo period. But thanks to the plugin requester, he allowed me to publicly offer it.

PM me if you interested, for price and payment options.

Functionality of plugin:

1) Plugin creates a table in database to store data.

2) Admin sets user levels who can rate and write feedback on categories.

3) Admin sets user levels who can  moderate (edit review note or delete) categories ratings and review notes.

4) Admin sets per page review notes.

5) Reviewers can Edit category review notes or completely delete category rating. This intended to prevent spammers or typos/misspellings. 

6) On each category there will be 

- Rate Button for those who has not rated yet (logged in users).

- Rating Average for those who already rated or not logged in (quest viewers).

- 2 sub navigation tabs: 1) Category Questions - 2) Reviews

- Category Description

7) There will be one separate page where users can see all category ratings and review notes mixed. Only moderators will see Edit/Delete button.

Screenshots from admin/plugins:

Screenshots from category page (user has not rated yet):

Screenshots from category page (user when clicks rate button):

Screenshots from category page (user who already rated at category questions tab):

Screenshots from category page (user who already rated at category reviews tab):

Screenshots from category page (moderator view on category review tab):



standard username: deneme_11

pass: test1234

moderator username: demo

pass: demo1234

Q2A version: 1.8.0

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hey, I like your work would you be available for hire ? for the same related work.?
I pm'ed you. Currently I have 2-3 requests to do. But I will try my best to manage my time.