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Price: $35/$20 - to buy this plugin contact me via EmailTelegram or WhatsApp.

Demo of this plugin available in this site. 

Admin Account:

username: sakhawat

password: password

With this plugin You can allow your users hide their identity while posting question, answer and comment. This plugin provide users an option in post form to hide their identity. you can set what can be posted anonymously. All available features discussed below.


  • User won't lose access to a post that posted anonymously.
  • Even if posted anonymously, the user will get points for that post.
  • Even if posted anonymously, user can see his own identity.
  • Admin can set who can identify user from an anonymous post.

Why you need this plugin:

  • Enhanced Privacy: This plugin offers users the option to post questions, answers, and comments anonymously, which can encourage more open and honest discussions on the platform.
  • Increased Engagement: Some users may be hesitant to participate in discussions if they're concerned about privacy. With this plugin, they can feel more comfortable engaging with the community.
  • Reduced Barriers to Entry: By allowing anonymous posting, you're lowering the barrier for new users to join and participate. They can start contributing without worrying about revealing their identity.
  • Fosters Trust and Transparency: Providing the option for anonymity demonstrates that the platform respects user privacy and promotes open communication. This can lead to increased trust among users.
Q2A version: 1.8

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