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Hello Guys,

This is Fazley Sabbir.I am very happy to announce that my first plugin is out now.It is my first complete PHP project.So if you find any bug, let me know and I will debug it as soon as possible.

However, Now I am talking about the plugin - In List Ads.You can show your ads in the list of questions.There's an option in the admin area which will let you to define after how many questions your ads should be shown.Also you can place an credit of your site above the ads.

UPDATE 1.1: Thanks to ghaplaman for giving me the idea.As the latest version, you can show your ads on specific page or on every page as you like.Also this plugin is able to show ads on the pages that use q_list functions.

Here's a screenshot of the system.

Screenshot of the admin interface.

Okay, guys.I have uploaded the plugin on github.You can download it from there.

Download Link: https://github.com/FazleySabbir/FS-In-List-Ads/

And I want you to give me some possible ideas of plugins so that I can make them free for you.Okay, Guys.Have A Nice Day!!

Hopefully, the first of many :) Good job!
Thank you so much!

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It would be great if ads could be blocked in specific sections like Simple Ads Manager.Good luck to you
Thank you...Are you willing not to show the ads on some pages,right?
Yes, plugin will work much better if ads are turned off on certain pages
Okay.I will work on it and release a new update soon.Thank you for your idea! :)
@ghaplaman , I've added your desired feature.You can update it by downloading from Github. ;)
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Hello I do not find much difference with the plugin provided at https://github.com/pupi1985/q2am-simple-adverts to this as they do the same function of publishing notices by number of rows defined for html or ads

So I do not see much merit but it is good to summarize it.

I'm not looking to demotivate or anything like that. in fact the other is more complete.

I do not take it but for others it will be easier to understand. As I say well it sums it up.

q2a market also has this type of premium plugin, very similar ...: /

Okay,Brother..Thanks for your comment.First of all I'd like to say that I haven't done it for any financial purpose.In fact, its totally free.I don't wanna know if there's hundrades or thousands of this kinds of plugins.All are free so people can use them as they wish.Overall, I think There isn't any restriction to make plugin even those types are already made.

After all, I have updated my plugin and added some uniqe features.Now I think that no conflict will take place between them.Have a nice day!