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Is it possible to change the pointing system so that not increase points of users that answer a question for the second time?

In fact, now a person can gain point by answering the same question.
Why -1?
Is there any problem with the question?
You'll have to excuse the voting here... it seems many people log in just to test it out and sometimes make asses out of themselves :)
:o the irony
+1 for this.
(every user should gain only once points for answering the same question, but if there are several answers from different people - everyone should get points for their answers - not only the first who answers!)
"every user should gain only once points for answering the same question"
How can we do that?
Now q2a give points to all answers of a user for the same question.

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This may be possible with a plugin, something like this:

  • Track the voting events 'a_vote_up''a_vote_down''a_vote_nil'.
  • Check if the answer is the second by the user in the question (i.e. check if they have any questions with the same parentid and an earlier date/time).
  • If so, remove the points they would have gained from that answer.

This wouldn't survive points recalculations though, so maybe not a great idea.