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There are many of us who are having problems with Bangla language plugin.

The problem is a little empty space above the header.

Again, many have seen that if you write Bangla on the Kochchen page, you will not get Bangla support.

So today I came up with a problem solving plugin for them.

  1. First Download this Plaguin
  2. Go to your hosting cpanel
  3. Go FileManager
  4. Go to Directory (public_html/qa-lang)
  5. Upload this Plaguin
  6. And Extract here..!
  7. And Again Go to your site Admin area And click General
  8. and scroll down then select BN Languages
  9. And Then Click Save/Update
  10. zip File Password: MONARUL.com

Download whatever it takes.

Click here to live demo

Download Now 1

Download Now 2

Q2A version: Latest
Sorry Guys....
I'm sorry you may not be able to download the file some day. So I gave the latest version of the file, now you can download.

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Problem Solving

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Thanks. But it is so easy to remove space above the header by using this css:

html {

      margin-top: -10px!important


Hum..But it causes conflict with other plugins..Such as on-site-notification is not shown properly.
No brother. CSS is not used in the language plugin. This was due to another problem.

html { margin-top: -10px!important }

I haven't tried this many times. So I modified the plugin.
It is because of mixed of both languages.Such as if your language file is not fully supported with the latest version, it will show the empty space.
i was faced same problem but now it is solved.
How to solve the blank spaces?
Yes, main focus this problem.
Let's solve this
Thank you so much