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I do have a problem: I want to disable users mail verification or (as an admin) at least manually mark a user as verified.

This may e.g. be needed, if you have not set up mail notifications/the mail server/SMTP settings yet.
An resulting problem e.g. is that users then cannot upload avatars, because this is only possible for verified users. However, if I edit the profile as an admin user, I can only set them to ranks higher than "Verified", e.g. Editor or Adminsitrator, but not a regular user. The e-mail is always displayed as unverified.

I would like a button or different way to mark a users mail as verified, e.g. because I use this service internally and know as an admin that the mail is valid.

Q2A version: 2.8.5

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You can enable admin approval of user registrations under Admin → Spam. Disable "Request confirmation of user emails" and enable "Enable moderation (approval) of users". You may also want to enable "Use moderation if user not yet approved" to prevent user posts from being displayed before the user is approved.

The system will still send mail notifications to the users, though. To prevent that you can configure Q2A to use a local mail server for mail submission, and have that mail server drop mail you don't want to be sent.