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Plugins are normally uninstalled by simply deleting the plugin folder from the qa-plugin directory. However, depending on the plugin manual changes in the database may be required to completely remove everything related to the plugin. The details depend on the plugin, though.
hi Ansgar Wiechers
That's right, I think you have to go to phpmyadmin to uninstall the folders containing these plugins. Will removing the corresponding plugin row in phpmyadmin remove it correctly? this will reinstall the plugin after this, allow reinstall with the install prompt that usually appears in some that need to be added to the database mysql in phpmyadmin?

In general, we know that when we install a plugin and go to admin / plugin, we will get a warning that says that the plugin needs to be started in the database.

When removing then from phpmyadmin and the public_html / plugin / x-plugin folder and want to reinstall it, will it cause the notice in plugins for database installation to appear again?
I don't use phpMyAdmin, so can't help you there.