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The plugin which will cache the html file in folder. This will reduce the server response time. And it should be available only for non logged in users .
This looks like an X-Y problem to me. Please take a step back and describe the actual problem you're trying to solve instead of what you perceive as the solution.

Besides, website caching doesn't work the way you seem to expect it to, and website performance is a rather complex beast anyway, with lots of moving parts (database access, server-side scripts, client-side scripts, static file access, hardware and network performance, ...). I seriously doubt that it's even possible to write the kind of silver bullet file cache you're asking for.
The problem is my website's initial server response time is high. And solution is here https://web.dev/time-to-first-byte/
So I thought caching the output html file will work
What is "high"? Are you just slightly above the 600ms the page mentions as the test threshold? In that case your website is probably still fine. Or are you at a couple seconds or more? Then you may want to look at setting up memcache. See this answer: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/70940/
I am getting this error "The Memcached PHP extension is not installed."
But the Memcached  PHP extension is already installed.
And also please have a look at this plugin : https://github.com/mrzeeshanplus/q2apro-caching
I know nothing about the environment you're using to run Q2A, so I could only guess why you're getting that error. Which I'm not going to do. Please provide more information if you want people to help with that (preferably in a new question). Also, "have a look at this plugin" for what exactly?

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I tried nitro pack on website https://www.mymotifs.com. Intially it helped to improve google page speed but later the script started breaking messing with website layout.